Here are our tried and tested top tips to packing a more organized suitcase… enabling you to fit more in to a smaller bag!


1. Know your baggage restrictions

Before you start, decide whether you’re going to put the bag in the hold, or take it as hand luggage.  If you’re going hand luggage, you’ll need to plan liquids (cosmetics etc) carefully as they’ll need to be in containers under 100ml – the best bet is to buy all you’ll need for the trip once you’ve cleared security, as the restriction doesn’t apply airside.

2. Check the weather before you go

It goes without saying it’s a good idea to check the weather so you’ll know whether you’re likely to need that extra pair of trousers (or heaven forbid, a rain jacket).

check the weather before you go

3. Plan ahead

Plan each day’s outfit before you start to pack.  Only take your favourite outfits – think about what you wear in your day to day life.  You can always buy a cheap t-shirt or visit a laundrette if you suffer a wardrobe malfunction.  You’re more likely to regret over-packing as you’ll want to leave a little room for souvenirs!

4. Roll rather than fold

Rolling takes significantly less space than folding.  If you do it right, it doesn’t necessarily mean more creases.  Invest in some ‘stuff sacks’ to keep everything together with the minimum amount of air.  Dressier items (like a silk shirt) should be folded, not rolled, and placed on top of everything else to avoid winkles. If some things get a bit more creased than you’d ideally like, a quick fix is to put it on and give it a quick blast with a hairdryer to smooth out the creases (without actually having to do any ironing).

Roll your clothes, don't fold!

5. Fill your shoes

Any small items can be kept safely in your shoes.  It’s a good idea to fill your shoes with socks, as this helps your shoes keep their shape and makes use of every available space.

6. Put your shoes in shower caps

…or plastic bags, to keep everything else clean.

7. Leave small lightweight items till last – things like belts, underwear, chargers etc, can be crammed into any remaining space in your suitcase.

8. Use a pill case to stop your jewellery getting tangled.

Use a pill case to organise jewellery

9. Put cling film over the end of shampoo bottles to prevent leakage.

10. On the flight, wear the bulkiest shoes & clothing items that you want to take – that way you don’t need to fit them in your suitcase!

Wear your boots rather than pack them!

11. Lastly, if you forget to take a power adaptor for your Kindle/phone charger, check the back of the hotel TV.  Most will have a USB plugin where you can charge any device with a USB connection.

Charge your device from the hotel TV