Dubai’s ‘7 star’ hotel adds new terrace overlooking the Arabian Gulf

The Burj Al Arab, one of Dubai’s most iconic hotels, has just opened it’s ambitious new terrace. And it’s impressive!Burj Al Arab Terrace Infinity Pool-840x473

The Terrace is flanked by two beaches either side, with 1,000 tonnes of imported white sand used to create a dazzling beachfront.

The Terrace is also home to two infinity pools (one freshwater, one saltwater), plus thirty-two exclusive air-conditioned cabanas (a resourceful solution to the frazzling Dubai summer temperatures!).Burj Al Arab Terrace Fresh Water Pool-840x473

The eight Royal Cabanas also include a private bathroom, shower area, and veranda.

Hungry guests can choose to take advantage of the cabana butler service, or dine at the upscale Scape Restaurant and Bar, which serves Californian fusion-style food.Burj Al Arab Terrace Scape Restaurant-840x473

The good news is the restaurants are open to non-residents, so even if you’re staying at a nearby hotel in Dubai you can still experience The Terrace.  You can also buy a day-pass to use the cabanas, pools and facilities.

Sample dish on offer at Scape restaurant
Sample dish on offer at Scape restaurant

Designed by engineering experts in Finland, the massive structure was shipped over to the Burj Al Arab in 8 separate pieces.  It’s been cleverly designed to minimise the impact on the seabed and surrounding marine life (and, of course, minimum disruption to guests). Terrace-2

The whole structure rests on just 90 steel posts over the azure waters, and remarkably took less than a year to build, transport and install.

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