Take a look at these thought-provoking images of art sculptures submerged in the crystal clear waters surrounding Cancun.  As you dive deeper underwater, human figures begin to eerily emerge from the blue. MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun The project began in 2009 as an effort to protect the endangered natural coral reefs from inexperienced divers who were causing damage.  Featuring over 500 original sculptures at varying depths, it can only be explored by either snorkelling, scuba diving – or, for those who prefer to keep their feet dry, glass bottomed boat.  Visibility underwater is excellent in this area, the water is idyllically clear. MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun It usually takes many years for artificial reefs to populate with corals before they’re attractive to recreational divers, but this genius idea creates an instant cultural attraction.   The sculptures will change over time as the coral gradually makes it’s home.  The sculptures are made from special PH-neutral materials designed to promote marine life and provide areas for corals to flourish.  They also feature lots of nooks and crannies to encourage fish and crustaceans to breed. There is a natural focus on conservation and research. “The Listener”, whose form came from ear mouldings of 30 local children, contains a microphone to collect underwater audio. MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun The Volkswagen car sculpture is designed as a ‘lobster hotel’ – featuring openings for the shellfish to enter and plenty of shelves which act as ideal refuges for the endangered creatures. MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun Many of the sculptures represent how humans interact with their surroundings.  Some are satirical (“The Banker” features men in suits literally burying their heads in the sand, inspired by lead artist Jason Decaires Taylor’s visit to a climate change conference).  MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun Some are more positive in nature, “The Gardener” evokes feelings of care and nurture, as a gratified gardener admires the fruits of his labour. MUSA Underwater Museum - Cancun A nearby place to stay to take advantage of this amazing eco-centric excursion is the Excellence Playa Mujeres – a 5* All Inclusive Adults Only resort.  View all our Cancun hotels on our main website. Until you can visit, here’s a video showing this incredible place… https://youtu.be/qI7LWfpMzPI