When most people think of Cuba there are a number of Iconic Images that spring to mind. Most people will think of Fidel Castro and the iconic and image of Che Guevara that has adorned more student walls than any other poster. The romantic images of American 50’s cars still driving the streets and of course the famous Cuban Cigar.

Cuba is still a state run country, but far from being closed off it is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. The beaches of Varadero offer a range of resorts from the couples only Sandals Resort to the family resort of the Iberostar Varadero, there is a range of choices for everyone.

A lot of people think that Cuba doesn’t allow Americans to enter the country, this is not the case but due to restrictions imposed on its citizens by the US government it is very difficult for an American citizen to visit Cuba, as a result Cuba has embraced the UK tourist, and it remains a true island of contrasts.

No Visit to Cuba is complete without at least a day in the vibrant capital of Havana. The hotels in Havana that letsgo2 feature are all situated in the old town, the historic and vibrant centre of Havana. The Hotel Nacional De Cuba was once owned and home to the famous mobster Al Capone but today its just the cocktails that are to die for!

Here are a few highlights of the city that no stop can miss;

  • Visit the Hotel Nacional De Cuba a famous landmark of Havana, and of your staying a night or too why not book a room here
  • Freedom Square or the Plaza de la Revolución , the centerpiece of the revolution, complete with the iconic image of Che Guevara
  • San Cristobel Cathedral, one of the first Spanish churches built in the 1600’s
  • No visit would be complete without a stop at a cigar factory and finished with a margarita in El Floridita, where the stool used by Ernest Hemmingway still sits, but no longer in use for regular patrons, reserved for Ernest only, in case his ghost ever returns for one more cocktail.
Hemingway Quote in Bodeguita
Hemingway Quote in Bodeguita

Of course Cuba has above all else beaches, Varadero has over 12 miles of white sandy beaches, so once you have taken in the culture you can relax at any one of the hotels along the coast, enjoy water sports or take a horse ride along the beach. With so much to offer it’s easy to see why it’s fast becoming the number one Caribbean destination.

So if it’s History or just a Beach a Holiday to Cuba will be have something for everyone.