‘Low Season’ advantages in Phuket

Think of ‘low season’ anywhere and more than likely the image of deserted hotels, cold weather and rain will enter your mind. But rest assured, Phuket does actually make for a good ‘low season’ destination, so don’t shy away from visiting this beautiful island during this time of the year!

Patong beach in Phucket with palm trees in the foreground
Patong beach in Phuket

The ‘low season’ months in Thailand are traditionally May to October and whilst, yes, the weather can be a bit more unsettled during this time, the climate is still tropical (the average daily temperature is between 27-28 degrees) and you would have to be very unlucky not to get any sunshine (average sunshine hours ranges from 7-8 hours per day). Whilst you will be more likely to experience rain, this usually tends to happen in short bursts and very sporadic.

Swimming in the sea during this time is not always recommended, although the popular beaches will usually use colour coded flags to advise you if it’s safe to go in. Many beaches also have lifeguards during this period of the year. That being said – the swimming pools at most hotels are extremely inviting and refreshing!

Advantages of ‘low season’ in Phuket include (but are not limited to):

Hotel Special Offers – many hotels (mid-range to luxury) offer ‘free nights’ deals during this period, often a ‘2 for 1’ deal – meaning if you stay for 10 nights you would in fact only pay for 5! Basically, you are getting a half-price deal. Not bad if you ask me!

Restaurants – Phuket has a lot of great options for foodies. Get the prime tables (ocean view, hello!) in the best restaurants, something that is quite hard to achieve during the crowded high season! Some of the most popular restaurants in Phuket are Ka Jok See restaurant in Phuket town, Acqua at Kalim beach and Breeze at Cape Yamu.

couple enjoying a romantic dinner on a beach
Dinner on the beach please!

Patong and Karon – These popular Phuket beach resorts, whilst hectic in the high season, still provide a lively yet more relaxed atmosphere during the low season. Plus they make for great people-watching in the evenings!

Tours and Excursions – fewer people in general means fewer people out on tours and excursions. This, in turn, will provide for a more exclusive feeling if you decide to do any of the popular Phuket tours! The nearby Phang Nga’s famous landmark ‘James Bond Island’ is one of the more popular tours, well known for its role in “The man with the golden gun”. Definitely not something that you want to miss out on!

James Bond Island in Thailand
James Bond Island

Shopping – The night markets in Phuket are a great place to sample tasty street food influenced by several cultures, with the largest and most well-known market being Talad Kaset night market in Phuket town. You can generally get a better deal with the locals from the souvenir shops and stalls at the night markets during the low season, while also avoiding some of the crowds associated with the high season. Bartering is part and parcel of shopping in Thailand regardless of the time of the year, but fewer tourists usually mean a bit cheaper prices.

The Locals – Phuket locals are some of the most welcoming and genuinely friendly people in the world and with fewer tourists around they will relish the chance to engage in some friendly conversation with you!

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