Ramadan is often considered to be Dubai’s ‘low season,’ but we don’t believe this should put you off visiting at this time – especially as you can get great value deals at the best hotels.  This year, it begins on 18th June, finishing 17th July.  It’s good to be clued up on the appropriate etiquette before you go, as Ramadan is an important time for Muslims to worship, fast and reflect.  As long as you’re respectful, you can have a wonderful time in Dubai during Ramadan – here are our favourite reasons why:

  1. Low cost Dubai

Many hotels offer special Ramadan deals, so you can get a great value Dubai holiday staying at a hotel in a prime location (check our main website for more info).

One&Only Royal Mirage

  1. The shops are still open

The general mood of the city is a bit more low-key than usual – but this means the Malls are less busy and there are usually some amazing sales on!

Dubai shopping mall


  1. Fabulous Feasts

Although eating and drinking in public is forbidden during daylight, hotels and restaurants lay on Iftar feasts in huge tents that burst into life at sunset.  It’s a great opportunity to participate in the evening’s entertainment and experience the different dining options as everyone relaxes to enjoy their ‘breakfast.’

It’s worth noting that during the day you CAN eat and drink in designated areas – malls, restaurants and hotels will have an area screened off from public view.  Locals don’t expect foreigners to fast, but it can still be seen as rude to eat or drink in front of them.

Award winning chefs Dubai


  1. See more of the culture and history

The historic and cultural aspects of Dubai can sometimes be overshadowed by the record breaking contemporary architecture, and appeal of flashy attractions & epic water parks.  The calmer mood of Ramadan allows the perfect opportunity to explore the special gallery exhibitions, museums and historical attractions for a culturally enriching experience.

Dubai historic attraction


  1. No queues at leading attractions!

Many of the tourist attractions remain open, but with fewer crowds there are no long queues.  It’s much easier to get tickets for excursions like the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa or the indoor Ski Slope at the Mall of the Emirates.

Skiing at the Mall of the Emirates


  1. If you visit during Ramadan, stay till EID!

Literally translated as the ‘festival of breaking the fast’ – this is a 3 day public holiday where everyone celebrates the end of Ramadan.  There’s a real party atmosphere at this time, with firework displays, shows and all kinds of performances and entertainment laid on.

Katsuya overlooking Dubai Fountains

If you’re feeling inspired, check out our main website for late deals and great prices on Dubai holidays this summer.