Have you ever considered going All Inclusive, but weren’t sure whether it’d pan out financially?  Read on: we’ve done all the maths for you…

This week at the letsgo2 HQ we’ve been analysing how the cost compares between staying All Inclusive and Bed & Breakfast for holidays at 3 of our favourite destinations.  We’ve worked out the prices based on a combination of the latest Post Office Travel Money Report and our team’s recent experiences at these destinations… Here’s the lowdown…  (NB, our daily spend estimates are based on relatively conservative drinkers – if you’re a big drinker, All Inclusive always works out cheapest!)

The Conclusions

Dubai – Going All Inclusive is a no-brainer

Dubai graph all inclusive
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Even if you choose to go out on the town for dinner one night, you’ll still be far better off – with a huge saving of nearly £1000 compared to average additional spending on a B&B trip.  Food and alcohol is expensive in Dubai, so an All Inclusive is highly recommended to avoid unanticipated spending costs.

Barbados – Depends on your intake

Barbados - All Inclusive vs Bed & Breakfast
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Our cost comparison prices come out roughly the same – so Bed & Breakfast could be an option, especially if you’re a non-drinker or don’t drink much.  However, if you like a tipple, an All Inclusive holiday will be kinder on the bank balance, especially once you’ve factored in cab costs going to off-resort restaurants and bars.  The All Inclusive price also includes afternoon tea (we love a bit of rum cake!), which would be an additional expense if staying Bed & Breakfast.

Maldives – All Inclusive is the obvious choice

All Inclusive vs b&B
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Going All Inclusive is a clear winner here – particularly when you’re likely to spend all your time in-resort anyway.  Almost everything edible (apart from coconuts) has to be imported, so comes with a higher-than-average price tag (rest assured, the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches that the Maldives are renowned for make up for it!).  The All Inclusive package at LUX*Maldives also includes yoga classes (typically $75 if you stay B&B) and motorised watersports (typically $100 a session), as well as unlimited ice cream and unlimited golf at the driving range – making it even better value.

All Inclusive vs B&B
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Overall – if keeping holiday costs on budget is a decisive factor, going All Inclusive is a really good idea, especially at luxury destinations.  All the packages featured here include multiple restaurant choices for evening dining, and will be happy to prepare a picnic to take with you for lunch if you decide to take an excursion and explore the surrounding areas for the day.

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