When considering what to do in Las Vegas, use this list to guide your decision. We have compiled the Ultimate Bucket-list for you to choose from. We hope you enjoy.

Las Vegas: The entertainment capital of the world.

Basically, everything you want, you can get in Las Vegas. Whether it be fine dining at world-renowned restaurants, amazing nightlife entertainment, great shopping, world-class luxury hotels or (what you’re probably thinking right now) gambling.

If you feel a bit daunted by the endless amount of options, I have made you a little list of things that you simply cannot miss in this amazing city.

 Experience a show by Cirque du Soleil.

Dance performers put on a very special performance for the attending audience. But they are no ordinary shows; Cirque du Soleil is a dance performance in which the creators have spent a lot of hours using creativity and imagination to capture the audience’s imagination. What you will be witnessing is the artist and performer’s dreams come true, which is simply outstanding. Time literally flies by!

Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

 Grand Canyon

Take a 4 hour cruise (approximately) west of Las Vegas and head straight to one of Mother Earth’s most spectacular sceneries, the Grand Canyon. This majestic landscape hallmark was created by the Colorado River a couple of million years ago. The great chasm is utterly breathtaking and is regularly listed on global bucket lists (yes, including this one). Besides from just trying to grasp the panoramic view, there are many activities that you can do there, such as rafting, hiking, helicopter tours and even running (if you prefer a bit of a more active holiday).

The Grand Canyon


Las Vegas is one of the absolute top shopping destinations in the world. Just like everything else in this city, the shopping experience provides something out of the ordinary. This city offers some of the finest shopping centres there are, such as the Forum shops at  Caesars – known as the “shopping wonder of the world”. Connected to Caesars Palace on Las Vegas Strip – you might also want to stick around for more than just shopping! Should you have happened to have lost all your cash at the blackjack table, you’re not at a loss either. There are bargain outlets all around the city which provide really great deals. It’s hard to go home empty-handed.

Stratosphere Tower.

For jaw-dropping views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding areas, the place to be is the Stratosphere Tower. This building is not only an observation platform and one of the world’s most recognizable icons; it is also a casino and a hotel. Thrill seekers and adventurers can hop on some of the world’s highest thrill rides, including the SkyJump Las Vegas, which sends you off from the 108th floor! Regardless if you are a daredevil or just a happy bystander, you should not miss this landmark.


Probably one of the first things that will cross your mind when you hear someone mention Las Vegas, right? Hands up if you instantly think of Ocean’s Eleven, The Hangover or Casino! Even if gambling is not your cup of tea, a visit is something that should be included in every travellers check-list. Make sure to get a glimmer of the action that goes on inside some of the world’s largest casinos 24/7.

Las Vegas Casino


Whether you’re a real art lover or not, Fremont Street is unlike any other street in America. Neon lights dazzle overhead on a giant canopy screen that displays all sorts of colour and objects in motion that will tease your mind. The light show is free, and so is the people-watching! The many restaurant and bars in Fremont East make it the ideal area to spend a night out in this vibrant city.


Vegas is a foodie’s heaven on earth, with everything from bargain buffets to incredible world-class dining at the likes of Spago and Wolfgang Puck. There truly is something for everyone’s taste buds and dining options in Sin City are pretty much open 24 hours a day!

As a little side-note, a place I always make sure to visit when I visit the USA is The Cheesecake Factory. It’s not fine dining – but if you are a fan of cheesecake (obviously) and other desserts – this is the place to go. It’s not known all over the world for no reason! Guaranteed to make you disappointed with “normal” cheesecake for the rest of your life, speaking from personal experience…

Night Life

The nightlife in Las Vegas is somewhat legendary. If you are so inclined, Sin City offers some of the best clubs to dance the night away. Celebrity favourites include Tryst, Surrender Nightclub, XS, TAO Nightclub, Lavo and many more. Many of these nightclubs are filled with Hollywood glitterati and eager party-goers galore. Who knows, you might just run into your favourite celebrity?


By now, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to have time to unwind from all the excitement!
To escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life, visit one of Las Vegas spa’s and end the holiday with a little extra pampering. You deserve it at this stage! Some of the spa:s  include the Spa at Encore Resort, Sahra Spa and Hammam at the Cosmopolitan, the spa at Bellagio Hotel and Canyon Ranch Spa Club at the Venetian.

As with all exciting places in the world, one list will not suffice to incorporate everything that is worth mentioning. Rest assured that regardless of what you end up doing in Las Vegas, it will not disappoint you!

Yours Truly,

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