There are some things we’ve come to expect from an Indian Ocean Resort – a flawless sandy beach, crystal clear waters and some of the most romantic destinations on the planet.  But the staff at LUX* Resorts & Hotels pride themselves on their ability to mix things up and deliver the unexpected.  Here are our favourite quirky features of LUX* Resorts & Hotels… spontaneous things to awaken that childlike sense of excitement and make you go ‘ooohh!’

Message in a bottle

A few times a week, staff hide a glass bottle somewhere around the resort. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden bottles around the gardens (and even underwater; sometimes the bottles are hidden in the lagoon for snorkelers to come across).  The message is likely to contain a voucher for free drinks, a spa treatment or, if you’re really lucky, a very special candlelit dinner on the beach…LUX* Message in a bottle

Phone home

Roaming charges from your mobile can be a nasty shock, but at LUX* you can avoid the cost and speak to those at home for free by using the red phone box nestled in the gardens.  E.T. would definitely approve.LUX* Phone Home

Secret Bar

Something you won’t find on the resort map, The Secret Bar is constantly moved around the resort. If you discover it, you’ll find everything you need to try and whip up a refreshing cocktail, as well as a selection of beers and soft drinks.

LUX* Secret Bar

ICI Ice Cream

The seaside just wouldn’t be the seaside without ice cream, and at LUX* Resorts & Hotels it’s freshly homemade.  Even the waffle cones are baked right there and then, you can watch it happen!  Super sweet ripe fruit is used to create guilt-free sorbets with no additives or added sugar.  Look out for the quirky converted car that tours the resort with a selection of ice creams and toppings.ICI Ice Cream

Tree of wishes

Whilst you’re there, write a wish and hang it on the specially commissioned Tree of Wishes sculpture.  Every year, one tag is plucked from the branches, and the lucky wish-maker wins another holiday at one of the LUX* Resorts & Hotels (perhaps not the original wish, but very nice nonetheless) LUX* Tree of Wishes

Cinema Paradiso

A night at the movies doesn’t get much better than this!  During your stay, you might stumble upon a pop-up alfresco cinema, which shows films from all genres under the stars (literally).  Popcorn, candles and comfy beanbags are all part of the experience (which is free to all guests).  Certainly beats our local multiplex….!LUX* Cinema

Amazing pizza cooked in a wood fired oven

Something you’d expect to find in Italy, but perhaps not a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  The challenge was set to create the best pizza in the Maldives, and LUX* have succeeded!  For authenticity, the cooking method was introduced by Italian chef Enzo (who’s made pizza for David and Victoria Beckham in the past), and features a very light crust.  Each pizza is cooked at a very precise temperature for no longer than 80 seconds to retain the fresh flavours of the toppings (sounds rather quick, but apparently this is how it should be done, and the proof is in the eating!)LUX* pizza

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