St Lucia is an island country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea and oversees the great Atlantic Ocean on the east. It is a part of Lesser Antilles, a chain of smaller islands that are notoriously popular with tourist in need of adventurous and active vacations. Despite the small size of the island, Saint Lucia has a variety of interesting activities to offer. Here is a short list of the Must Do things to do while spending your holidays there.

  • First off is the sailing adventure along the west coast of the island. You can feel like a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean sailing alongside the beautiful tropic island.
  • On the island, the forest offers a great views and zip lining is an activity you just can’t miss. Zip lining in the tropical forest is a whole other experience than your usual zip lining.
  • A part of the Saint Lucia islands is the Fort at the Pigeon island. If you are a bit of a climber, the Fort is the perfect place to enjoy this activity because of the steep terrain the island offers.
  • If you want to challenge yourself, a climb to the top of Gros Piton is an adventure you are not likely to forget.
  • One of the must do’s every tourist will enjoy is the helicopter ride to the local airport. This allows you to clearly see the islands from the top and you can snap couple of majestic photos.
  • Gros Island Friday Night Street party is where everybody’s at on Friday night. And if in the morning you don’t have a hangover you can visit Martinique by ferry or fly to the Grenadines.

Or you can simple lay back, take a stroll through the rainforest and watch dolphins and whales from the cost.