Washington DC is a city steeped in history. One of the few US cities that can offer an amazing array of sights to see and a history that will entice everyone.

The first thing to know about a holiday to Washington is that America’s Capital city is surprisingly small and extremely easy to get around. It is a walkers dream but the Metro is the Gem of the city and quite probably the easiest Metro system in the world to navigate; with just 4 simple lines it connects all the areas of the city easily, after all the President cant be kept waiting!

There are two main areas in Washington to stay. The first is the area from DuPont Circle down to the White house; this area provides easy walking access to all the famous sights of DC. The Capital Hilton is ideally situated just blocks from the white house and as a Hilton offers the standard and service to be expected from the Hilton Brand.  If you want to feel truly presidential then the Renaissance Mayflower offers what a former President described as the city’s second best address; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being the first!

If you prefer to be in a more laid back area, then the Bohemia  vibe of Georgetown will suit you, with the Washington Cathedral a stones throw away, this area of original stone house has great value hotels from the Holiday Inn Georgetown to the 5 star Washington Marriott

The sights of Washington DC are varied, but all can been seen on a short 3 or 4 day break. My recommendation on how to plan your day as a starting point is below

Day One

  •     The best way to see all the famous sights in one day is to walk or cycle from the Whitehouse all the way around the Mall. Start at the White House (you can’t miss it) and walk straight to the famous Washington monument. From there Walk straight down to the Iconic Lincoln Memorial via the moving and thought provoking Vietnam War memorial. From here you can then take a leisurely stroll that takes in some wonderful gardens in honor to the founder of the US national Parks (former president Roosevelt) and the powerful Martin Luther King Memorial. Then walk all the way back up the Mall to the Capitol Building, the heart of American Government

Day Two

  •     Take the Metro in a few easy stops from anywhere to Arlington. A moving and yet powerful symbol of American’s devotion to its armed forces. View the changing of the guard that happens 352 days a year, all day every day
  •     Walk over the Potomac or take the Metro back and visit the Smithsonian, actually a series of over 10 different museums from the popular Air and Space museum where you can sit in a shuttle, to the History museum where you can seen that famous stovepipe hat worn by Abraham Lincoln himself.

Day Three

  •     Visit George town, walk the streets and take a coffee in one of the many wonderful cafes
  •     Visit the Washington National Cathedral, the countries National Cathedral
  •     Take boat ride down the Potomac river and even seen the infamous Watergate building

Whatever you finally do a  Holiday to Washington DC  has it all, and then a lot more!